Coronavirus Emergency

New Box responds with responsibility and commitment.

  Emergenza Coronavirus

All our factories are active and supplies are guaranteed. We have a new challenge and new goals. We want to turn this emergency into an opportunity to grow, looking further and higher!

The production activity of New Box goes on even in this emergency period. All production and logistics processes have been adapted to the rules of the Prime Minister's Decree of 11 and 22 March.

The protection of the health of our employees and collaborators has always been among our main goals. We are implementing and improving every day all the prevention and prophylaxis measures that allow everyone to continue working in maximum safety.

Serving customers, integrated into the community.

The agro-food sector is strategic.
Especially in times of emergency!

We are working hard to ensure the supplies and timelines agreed with our customers.

We know that it is important to be able to count on the presence and support of all the links in the agro-food chain and we are doing our best to make our contribution in this moment of need and urgency.

The spirit of unity and collaboration that characterizes us is involving all the staff who are responding with passion, a sense of responsibility and with great cohesion. And for this we want to openly thank all those who help us in this difficult but important mission: workers, workers, employees, collaborators, professionals, carriers, shippers ...


And we want to spread a message of optimism and hope.
Together, we'll get throught!