LED drying technology

More and more eco-sustainable! New Box adopts the newest LED drying technologies for can and box decorations.


New Box's focus on environmental issues is confirmed with its investment in LED technology.


In the UV LED printing process, there are no solvents, no heat is radiated into the machine, no mercury is used, and no ozone is produced. The absence of ozone and heat eliminates the need for air extraction system from the printing press.


By choosing UV LED systems, the company's "carbon footprint" is reduced as it consumes less energy to make its products and does not contribute to air pollution inside and outside the pressroom.


Values that translate into productive choices and concrete investments for a better future. For everyone!


LED lamps last up to ten times longer than conventional arc lamps. This translates into less material to be disposed of and recycled.


Printed products, given the characteristics of LED-specific inks, do not transfer unpleasant odors, avoiding contamination of the materials with which they come into contact.

Green practices and environmental sustainability are the basis of business performance and success for New Box. At New Box sustainability means opportunity!