New Box receives CRIBIS Prime Company certification

8% This is the percentage of Italian companies that deserve the title of CRIBIS Prime Company, the companies that are recognised as having the highest level of reliability in terms of business relations.


The reliability of a company from a commercial point of view is equivalent to the probability of default in the payment of invoices to its suppliers in the 12 months following the time of the survey.


In addition, numerous variables are analysed, such as balance sheet ratios, payment experience, prejudicial information as well as, of course, personal data and data relating to legal form, geographical area, size and company seniority.


The highest incidence of CRIBIS Prime Companies on the total number of companies is found in the North East, among large companies and in the financial services sector. The incidence is lower in the South, among small companies, in construction and in retail trade.

CRIBIS is a department of the CRIF Group, a global company specialising in credit and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services as well as advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.

Founded in Bologna in 1988, today it operates in four continents. It is currently a leader in continental Europe in the credit information banking sector and one of the main players in the global market for integrated business & commercial information and credit & marketing management services.

We have the satisfaction of being among the best!

It is the result of the utmost attention we constantly pay to the full satisfaction of suppliers and customers with the aim of improving and growing, always.