A new project with "I bambini delle fate"

Once again this year we support the social enterprise that helps families of children with disabilities.


The ABAut association cooperating with 'Ibambini delle Fate' started the RANCH&FRIENDS project. All riding with New Box!


Started in 2021, the RANCH&FRIENDS project takes place in a Ranch in Torri di Quartesolo: it is a special project as it is aimed at teenage boys, for whom there is unfortunately a lack of proposals in our area. The group of boys is supervised by professionals and volunteers. In this Ranch the doors are open to different experiences: horse riding, summer centres, and inclusion projects.


The ABAut ONLUS association has been promoting Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) as a home-based rehabilitation intervention for nine years.


Through its many activities, carried out by trained and specialised professionals, ABAut stands by its families, supporting them by showing them the right way to go when a new diagnosis comes in, when it picks up the coded messages of the parent on the verge of a nervous breakdown, when the school world encounters difficulties in approaching these children/young people, when a brother or sister feels alone in the daily coexistence with a sibling's autism.

The success of New Box comes from a clarity of values and objectives that has always distinguished us from other companies.

We have a history of steady growth and constant attention to performance and results. We are passionate about our work, respectful of other people, and aware that we are part of a social and cultural fabric, as well as an economic and manufacturing framework.


New Box is all of this. A company made of values.