We know where we want to go. And we know how to get there!

The success of New Box comes from a clarity of values and objectives that has always distinguished us from other companies.


We have a history of steady growth and constant attention to performance and results. We are passionate about our work, respectful of other people, and aware that we are part of a social and cultural fabric, as well as an economic and manufacturing framework.

New Box is all of this. A company made of values.

Let's find out about them together!

  • The focus is on the customer!


    New Box is above all a partner. Our goal is to continually improve the service we offer to our customers in terms of products, consulting, service, punctuality and reliability.
    We listen to the customer so that we understand their needs, and apply a proactive approach.
    We put enthusiasm, passion and expertise into each project. Our greatest satisfaction is to go above and beyond requirements, to exceed expectations by understanding and satisfying all the needs of our customers. Even those that are unspoken!

  • This is pure passion!


    Inquisitiveness, the taste for experimentation and the desire to push ourselves higher and higher are at the heart of our work.
    New Box's success is the result of this ongoing commitment, of the involvement of each of us in a common objective. We know that achieving excellence is not a destination, but a journey; and thanks to our passion we are always one step ahead, driven by theideas and enthusiasm that we put into achieving our goals.

  • We work as a team!


    Each team is made up of people who are different from each other. At New Box these differences are considered to be a value that benefits the whole group.
    Our teams are our catalysts for ideas and actions. The chance to influence the group and contribute to our shared success is considered a privilege and a responsibility.
    At New Box, teamwork is considered essential for successful and effective results, because we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

A story with people at the heart of it.