Design and print

There's more than you can imagine! Your product can be enhanced and enriched with New Box’s printing techniques.


Our experience, combined with sophisticated and unique printing techniques, allows us to offer metal packaging that is highly customised. The combination of the shape of the tin boxes, the graphics and the printing effect, creates a unique and inimitable metal packaging solution that is easily recognisable by the consumer.
These effects can be achieved for all different types of metal packaging. The shape of the tin boxes increases the value of the packaging making it a premium item to be retained and displayed.

From large series to small productions!

We customise your packaging withscreen printing or digital printing. This allows us to make even handmade or limited productions unique and special.

Our digital printing service allows us to satisfy all requirements in the best possible way! Your product deserves the utmost attention and your creativity should have no limits.

Handmade products, limited series for special occasions, competitions, sponsorships, collaborations... Your communication comes directly from the packaging. The personalisation of the can or tin box is supported by our consultancy and proactive control of the graphics. We can inspire you and give you new ideas to make your product truly unique!

We can guarantee the best print quality and always give a prompt response with short turnaround times. In addition, with digital printing in limited quantities you can reduce waste and optimise your stock with the security of relying on a partner who is always attentive to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of each production.

Here are just some of the printing effects we can achieve onmetal boxes.


Turn your tin box into a precious object: apply the rhinestone effect and make it a unique "jewel".


Combinable with a range of colours, this special effect gives a metal can a fresh "ice" feel and has something of a retro dimension.


Turns a tin box into a special package: a personalized and unique gift with this velvety effect is also very pleasant to the touch.


Applied in various colours, this effect gives a metal box a degree of elegance and refinement, which will increase its perceived value.

Glossy / Opaque

Special glossy or opaque finishes can be applied on metal packaging either individually or in combination; these add movement to the decoration and bring to life to subtle plays of light.


For a captivating, unique design, consider a decorative fluorescent effect. This light-sensitive finish can add a fun, interactive dimension to your metal cans.


Take advantage of the inherent brightness of metal to enhance the design of any tin box.


Create high-impact promotional tin boxes with this prismatic effect. Our holographic foil technology for promotional packaging creates a three-dimensional image that continuously changes position and colour.


In different colour combinations this metallized effect will make a metal can something uniquely modern.


Our experience and special techniques enable us to create reliefs that enhance the characteristics of metal, turning the graphic element of your tin box three-dimensional.

Soft Touch

Do you want to turn an ordinary tin box into something more luxurious and unique? Apply our soft touch finish to that metal box and create a wonderful sensation of softness.


Applying this effect to your metal cans enables you to convey a sensory experience that is not only visual but also olfactory and is sure to capture the attention of the end customer.

Have you ever thought about Augmented Reality?

That is how to make your customers' experience truly unique!

Augmented reality technology can be used with our tin boxes, metal cans and closures. It allows the customer to explore the inside of the container, to view the potential production line; it is like discovering some new recipe that enables you to taste your product - virtually.
These and many other experiences are just a mouse click away!

Using augmented reality, the New Box team can suggest new ideas that will really engage your customers; and we can also support you during all phases of the graphic and APP creation processes.

Our Lithograph Printing Department. A perfect result for us and for you!

Thanks to high-levelprocessing technologies and an array of seven, six and two-colour offset printing machines, New Box is the company leading the way when it comes to painting and offset printing of tinplate sheet metal, including on behalf of other metal packaging producers.


High-quality results, the ability to produce large quantities, accurate timing and our technical advice service have made many choose us as a supplier over many major manufacturers.

Depending on your needs, you can entrust the printing of your products to us at times of high demand or for special work or even as a way of completely replacing your own printing department.

Maximum Quality, Minimum Worry!


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