Innovation is in our DNA

Process and product innovation is the only real element capable of guaranteeing the success of companies in the global market.

 At New Box, innovation is not considered to be an exceptional event; it is systematically studied and planned. Our corporate culture encourages and rewards the innovative creativity of all employees. All concepts of "total quality" refer to the fundamental role that human resources have in the continuous search for innovation.

Here’s how we do it.


Every day we strive to meet the demands of our customers, who ask us for safe, sustainable and high-quality products at an affordable price. We find new solutions for them and develop innovative projects, often in very short time frames.
Here at New Box, innovation means managing to do what others fail to do. It means standing out from the crowd, overcoming obstacles and constantly pushing the boundaries of product quality and performance.
Every year we make significant investments in research and development, the expansion of corporate spaces, equipment, technology (both hardware and software), which are often state of the art, in order to support technological improvement.
And we know that technology alone is not enough: it’s a tool that can foster innovation, but only if it is used by innovative people.

Innovation for us, certainly, but mainly innovation for you.


The main purpose of innovation at New Box is to always be in a position to offer you a better product.
Our design and prototyping departments can start from a simple idea and bring it through to industrial production of your exclusive packaging.

New Box has the 3D printing technology needed to make visible and tangible every part of the container that will go into production. Experience using a new shape even before you print it and enjoy the ability to adapt every detail to the wishes and needs behind the project. Our experts will be happy to advise you
during every phase of the development process and will assist you to obtain a unique and, at the same time, robust, reliable, practical and functional product.

It’s an ongoing process which involves the whole company!


Each business area is affected by and involved in the innovation process,which is shared across all stages of advancement.

  • The commercial area

    in its role as intermediary between the company and the market, identifies customers’ needs, defines the market segments, the price, and the factors of differentiation from competitors.

  • The technical area

    defines the functional and aesthetic characteristics that best meet customer requirements.

  • The production department 

    plans and manages the production system for manufacturing the product.