General Line

Strength, stamina and inviolability. Your product is safe, from the factory until it reaches the customer.


The manufacture of General Line metal cans for chemical use has always been characterised bycustomisable shapes and sizes, combined with specially-created and designed graphics. Our General Line containers can become a crucial element for the dissemination and acceptance of your brand.
New Box’s General Line industrial cans are an ecological and environmentally sustainable type of packaging, ensuring that the product is safe, well-preserved and inviolable.

General Line chemicals

A sturdy, practical and functional container that’s also pleasing to the eye!


General Line metal containers expresses all the production quality of New Box. They can becustomised in shape and size and are perfect for the application of high-quality prints that will distinguish the brand and the product.
General Line from New Box is the ideal solution for your products. And also for yourbrand!