Custom Tin boxes

The best high-quality packaging solution!
Custom tin boxes are useful, durable, pleasing to the eye and suitable for numerous uses.

Uniquely decorated metal boxes are the best packaging solution for a product, in order to promote your brand in a useful and long-term way. New Box produces biscuit tins, tin boxes for panettone, boxes for liqueurs or to hold special giveaways for customers.


Why use custom tin boxes?

Promotional tin boxes are a unique, recognisable andcustomised packaging solution for your products.
Promotional tin boxes make your brand  stand out with style and sophistication.
Promotional tin boxes give your customers a unique experience.
Our custom boxes can be made in any shape and size and are characterised by custom-designed graphics.

Original, unique, inimitable!

New Box tins have something extra!

Registered designs

Unique, exclusive and registered designs! Custom containers designed to give shape to your brand and make it more recognisable.


Tin boxes in registered designs are promotional metal boxes that New Box has custom-created in exclusive shapes for some of our customers. In producing these boxes we establish ourselves as your partner, suggesting the most innovative and characteristic solutions.
A "simple" metal container becomes a truly precious gift. In addition to protecting its contents, a metal box enhances the product, attracts consumers' attention, becomes a promotional item to keep, display, or even collect.


Round tin boxes

A round metal box can draw the consumer in and fascinate him. Love at first sight, at the retail outlet!


Round tin boxes are an elegant way of promoting your brand and protecting your product. They are objects that stay in our lives, and are reused in a thousand ways, providing customers with alasting reminder of your brand.
New Box takes care of the entire production process of the object, from printing to painting, creating a special product every time: a container full of content!


Oval tin boxes

Oval metal boxes have a strategic role as a promotional box!


They can be used for chocolates, biscuits, sweets, liqueurs, and anything else you wish! Oval tin boxes are the perfect container for highlighting the quality, importance and uniqueness of your product.
Oval metal boxes have a soft and elegant shape that, combined with our innovative and engaging decorations, can make your product into a lovely gift even after it has been consumed!


Square tin boxes

Square metal boxes add value to your product and increase the perception of your brand!


They can be placed one next to the other, they are practical and robust, they improve space and protect their contents in a way that no other container can do. Square tin boxes are the best starting point for promoting your product and for distinguishing your brand.
New Box can customise the shape, size and decoration of rectangular boxes to achieve a result that exceeds your expectations, and those of your customers!


Rectangular tin boxes.

Everything in its place! Rectangular tin boxes are an elegant way to promote your brand and to protect your product at the same time.

New Box’s knowhow in printing, painting and producing promotional metal boxes turns a "simple" metal container into a really precious gift.
A rectangular metal box, in addition to protecting its contents, enhances the product inside it, attracts the attention of consumers and becomes a promotional item that can then be used as a storage container, as a showcase and why not, a collector’s item.


Shaped tin boxes

The shaped metal box. All the creativity of New Box, all made in Italy.


A range of shapes available, such as triangle, hexagon, octagon, but also heart, star, moon, fish, cat ...
We can put all our creativity into the production of shaped metal boxes. And this includes yours! We can accomplish more complex ideas and give your products an unforgettable appearance and a perfect container!
New Box researches and develops the shapes and solutions with you, to make your packaging one of the strongpoints of your product.