Food cans

Cylindrical cans or specially-shaped cans can become a crucial element for the dissemination and acceptance of your brand.


New Box produces food cans intinplate orECCS, in two or three pieces and in custom shapes and sizes. A painstaking mixture of technology, experience and technique allows us to make high-quality metal cans, an ecological and sustainable type of food packaging, ensuring that the product is safe, well-preserved and inviolable.

Metal cans for food do not allow the passage of sunlight, thus extending the shelf life of the product.

Cylindrical food cans

Standard shapes and sizes. Maximumeconomies of scale. High quality and variety in closure solutions. Did you want to hear more?


We produce tinplate cylindrical food cans in two or three pieces. The closures come in traditional, easy-open and easy-peel lids.
Our cylindrical metal cans are suitable for storing a wide variety of foods, are made in standard sizes and are extremely good in terms of the quality/price ratio.
Your product deserves to be protected and transported in a New Box can!


Shaped food cans

All eyes on me! The unique shapes will attract the attention of the end consumer and will make the product stand out.

Three piece metal cans in different shapes can be a useful way to differentiate a brand. Easy to remember and nice to hold, they will surprise and win over anyone who uses them.


Twist Can. A new kind of can!

Twist Can is a revolutionary twist-opening can, which fully satisfies the needs of the consumer.


With Twist Can’s special twist closure, New Box has combined a sturdy container with a practical twist-off opening mechanism. This allows you to re-seal the container, eliminating waste and contamination. Customers very much appreciate these aspects and prefer products in resealable packaging.
Twist Can is the perfect container for your product. Now you just have to figure out what shape you want!


Easy Open lids

Easy Open lids are an integral part of New Box’s metal cans for food.
They guarantee that the product is well-preserved, and the cans can be opened easily and safely for an optimal consumer experience.

Opening a can is difficult for many consumers.
Some people have nails that are too long or too short, some are afraid of cutting themselves, while others don’t have enough strength in their fingers. New Box’s Easy Open lids make it easy for everyone to open the container, leaving the consumer free to enjoy the product!