Leadership as a mission

Fifty years of experience,
more than two hundred professionals,
three plants covering eighty thousand sq m

The company has a long history that did not evolve by chance. New Box continues to change, to invest, to stubbornly oversee the markets with timely and rapid assistance, and also with flexibility. These are the qualities that allow us to differentiate ourselves from others.
Our future is dedicated to the commitment and creation of new high-tech projects which have a lower environmental impact.

Chosen by the best!

Our solutions are already in your homes! Leading companies worldwide have chosen New Box to package their products!


Our goal is Quality


It is an aptitude, a method, a mission. Continuous innovation, strict controls on all aspects of production, research and development in every sense.


We want to give you the best results, every time. We like to rethink each solution to test out new possible improvements. Our customers know that we will work on customising their boxes until we find the perfect shapes, closure systems and printing techniques!


And then there’s our Quality System

  • QualityManagement System

    New Box SpA has developed its own integrated quality management system. This is a platform for our other corporate systems. The system complies with all the applicable requirements of ISO 9001; it ensures a process-based approach and is aimed at customer satisfaction and the capacity for continuous improvement. The system has beencertified by SGS ITALIA since 2000.

  • Environmental Management System

    In perfect integration with this quality system, New Box SpA has developed its own environmental management system, which is compliant with ISO 14001. It is designed to implement policy objectives based on major environmental factors. The system is aimed at community satisfaction and continuous improvement. The system is certified by SGS ITALIA.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    To protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and illnesses, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the ISO 45001 standard, which is the first international standard for occupational health and safety. New Box has implemented and integrated the ISO directives, receiving ISO 45001 certification among the first companies in the sector.

  • Food Safety Management System

    Integrated with the quality system, New Box SpA's food safety management system complies with sector GMPs  and all the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard. This system aims to guarantee the safety of the "Food Contact” products that New Box SpA develops. The system is certified by SGS ITALIA under the FSSC 22000 scheme (a certification scheme for food safety systems in compliance with ISO 22000 and the technical specifications for sector PRPs).

  • Energy Management System

    Symbiotically with environmental management and integrated with related systems, New Box SpA’s energy management programme complies with theISO 50001 standard. It aims at both community satisfaction and continuous improvement of the energy signature of major relevant factors. The system is certified by SGS ITALIA.


Below you can download our quality certificates.

  • Quality Certification ISO 9001




  • Quality Certification ISO 14001




  • Quality Certification ISO 45001




  • Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 (civ. 11)




  • Food Safety System Certification FFSC 22000 (civ. 18)




  • New Box Ethical Trading Policy