Promotional metal items

Metal trays, posters and signs are promotional items that you can use to advertise your product on an ongoing basis, and they are also useful for the end customer.


New Box produces promotional metal items in shapes and sizes that best suit your product and your image, and can be customised with different printing effects.
All with the quality and respect for the environment that you would expect from New Box.

Promotional trays

A solid support! Promotional tin trays, customisable both in terms of graphics and shape, are useful, functional and beautiful!


Promotional customised trays, such as custom-made bar trays, are useful items that are resistant and excellently printed. A customised tray is a promotional idea that brings your brand into the daily lives of your customers. Imagine your brand represented on vintage trays that arouse memories, or on tin trays customised with your own design.
We produce tin trays that are customised in different shapes, sizes and graphics, specially designed and tailored to suit your needs.


Metal posters and signs

Tin advertising posters and signs are a useful form of advertising, as well as being long-lasting!


We make custom-designed tin vintage and advertising signs with different sizes and graphics, conceived and designed to suit your needs.
A customised tin poster will give a retro image to your brand, and will become collectible advertising plates. Metal ice cream signs are created to advertise your brand in a way that is long-lasting and useful for the end customer.


Money boxes

A nice, useful and educational gift!

High-printing quality and beautiful special effects. Glitter, crackle, metallic effect, holographic effect, embossing, scent… There’s no limit to your imagination, for money boxes too!

New Box can make unique and amusing products, for children and adults, that teach how to save and give value to money. They give your brand a special place in the lives of your customers.