At New Box sustainability means opportunity!

Green practices and environmental sustainability are at the core of the performance and success of our business.


New Box SpA places itself as a leader in the field of environmental issues: our metal containers are sustainable packaging solutions. The tin cans that we produce protect the environment throughout their life cycle as they are eco-sustainable and eco-friendly types of packaging.
New Box SpA has also always been attentive to its impact on the environment, and has initiated a project to monitor emissions from its production sites.
We have begun a corresponding process of reduction and compensation, by increasing the energy efficiency of plants andproducing more electricity from renewable sources.

All this has allowed New Box SpA to achieve ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

Why choose a metal container?

Choosing sustainable packaging means protecting the environment. But that’s not all.
The feeling of luxury that it creates blends together the style and prestige of the product, increasing its perceived value.
It’s 100% recyclable an infinite number of times, renewable, and permanent.
It’s durable and safe, protecting the product from contamination by external agents.
It’s reusable, guaranteeing long-lasting publicity for the brand.
It preserves the taste and aroma of the product.
It attracts the consumer's attention, maximising the impact at point of sale.

The five key points of sustainability at New Box

  • production of energy from alternative sources

  • recovery of waste and products

  • logistics optimisation

  • product innovation

  • efficiency in production processes

Metal Recycles Forever

New Box promotes the logo Metal Recycles Forever on their tin containers and metal cans.


This brand was adopted and approved by the members of Metal Packaging Europe as the sole and definitive recycling logo for metal packaging.
The brand aims to encourage consumers to recycle the container, thereby keeping it in the infinite loop of metal recycling.

Vision 2025

Sustainability at New Box. A clear goal. A mission. A vision!

New Box’s mission is to provide its customers with high-quality products and services, operating in partnership with its suppliers for the development and use of more efficient technologies that are environmentally-friendly and safe.


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Metal is a permanent material!

New Box supports and promotes the eco-sustainability of their metal containers.
One of New Box’s responsibilities is raising customers’ awareness of eco-sustainable metal containers.