Telethon chooses New Box!

New Box is the supplier for "Cuori di biscotto" 2019.

  New Box e Telethon per i Cuori di Biscotto
Mother's Day: Telethon and UILDM with biscuit hearts in Italian squares

The Biscuit Hearts are contained in elegant tin boxes with attention to detail, in three different colors with a spring flavor: blue, for cocoa and chocolate chip cookies, green, for wholemeal flour biscuits, and orange, for biscuits with Sicilian oranges, a new recipe produced exclusively for the Telethon Foundation.

And we at New Box put our heart into it!

In each tin box, personalized with the word "heart" and the now symbolic claim "I support research with all my heart", there are three trays, individually wrapped. The pack also contains an information brochure.

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A round metal box can draw the consumer in and fascinate him. Love at first sight, at the retail outlet!