82.5% a new recycling milestone!

Steel packaging in Europe hits a new recycling milestone of 82.5%



This new record rate, which represents data from 2018, confirms steel as Europe’s most recycled primary packaging material and means that more than 8 out of 10 steel items put on the EU market this year have been recycled into new steel products.

Alexis Van Maercke, secretary general of APEAL, said: “A recycling increase of two percentage points sends a clear message to all stakeholders in the value chain that steel for packaging is a tried, tested and sustainable packaging solution, fit for a 21st century circular economy.”

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New Box places itself as a leader in the field of environmental issues: our metal containers are sustainable packaging solutions.

New Box supports and promotes the eco-sustainability of their metal containers.
One of New Box’s responsibilities is raising customers’ awareness of eco-sustainable metal containers.

New Box promotes the logo Metal Recycles Forever on their tin containers and metal cans. This brand was adopted and approved by the members of Metal Packaging Europe as the sole and definitive recycling logo for metal packaging. The brand aims to encourage consumers to recycle the container, thereby keeping it in the infinite loop of metal recycling.

Green practices and environmental sustainability are at the core of the performance and success of our business. At New Box sustainability means opportunity!